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750+ people, applying a wide range of specialist capabilities, for 1100+ clients in 16 countries across 3 continents

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Our people use diverse professional skills to realize a similar outcome; compiling, manipulating, analyzing and interpreting marketing data to reveal insights that improve understanding and enable better performance.

As a growing company we're always looking for talented people. For the right person, we offer:

  • A unique role, working independently in the fast-changing media and marketing sector
  • Interesting work, with significant consequences for our clients
  • Exciting career prospects, international assignments, sideways moves across service areas and client groups and, of course, promotion opportunities to grow as we grow
  • The chance to be part of a fast-paced, industry-leading company

We employ specialists in research, data capture and processing, financial accounting, content analysis, benchmarking, data aggregation and statistics. Specialists work hand-in-hand with business development and client service/support colleagues. Many of these people have deep experience in the media planning/buying, advertising, PR/communications and marketing industries.

Our client-facing and operational teams are supported by all the usual professions (Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Facilities and Administration) and especially by our in-house Information Technology team, which develops world-class proprietary data processing tools and service platforms that are at the core of our competitive advantage.

Whether we are recruiting people to scan/monitor and process media coverage or to analyze complex client data-sets, we look for:

  • Ability to deal accurately with large amounts of data
  • Belief in the opportunity to improve our client's effectiveness
  • Commitment to getting it right first-time
  • Determination to go beyond the obvious
  • Enthusiasm and passion for the media and marketing communications industry

Being an international company, we are continuously looking for people with language skills and an understanding of different cultures.