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Market Intelligence

Ebiquity is the leading advertising intelligence provider in Australia.  Our Sydney team monitor almost 8million competitive ads per year on behalf of clients.  We provide analysis and insights to brand-owners, creative and media agencies, Government departments and industry associations.  We have over 30 years’ experience and were previously The Television Register and subsequently Xtreme Information.

Media Value Measurement

Our Faulkner Media Management team have been providing independent media consultancy to brands since 1988.  We work with advertisers to help them continually improve the value they achieve from media. We work collaboratively with more than 90 clients and their media agencies all over the world including Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Thailand.

Our Sydney based team of 27 comprises media professionals with experience from every continent. This experience spans media agency, digital, UK media consultancy, client and even media sales. We have a full-time software team that develops and maintains our proprietary software – Spotlight and MediaFocus.  All this experience ensures we deliver insights to our client marketing teams, which make a difference.

Our FirmDecisions teams in Melbourne and Singapore undertake financial and media compliance work on behalf of brands in the area.

In addition we draw in expertise from other Ebiquity teams to improve our clients’ effectiveness in earned media and to optimise their marketing performance.

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  • Eric Faulkner

    CEO, Faulkner Media Management

  • Richard Basil-Jones

    Managing Director, Advertising Intelligence Asia Pacific

  • Aaron Rigby

    Director of Insight

  • Mungo McCall

    Business Development Manager

  • Michelle Day

    Senior Account Manager, Client Services

  • David Brocklehurst

    Managing Director, Firm Decisions, APAC


We are motivated by driving improvement. Our focus is to help our clients achieve continual improvement through the whole campaign development process, not simply reporting and auditing the outcome. We focus not simply on cost efficiency but also on quality, value and effectiveness. That is why so many of our clients have worked with us continually for over 15 years.

Eric Faulkner, CEO Faulkner Media Management

Ebiuity Opinion
  • Ebiquity announces new Managing Director of South East Asia
    Published on Tuesday, June 10, 2014

    Former Managing Director of Mindshare Singapore, Leela Nair, will head up Ebiquity’s new regional operation as Managing Director of Ebiquity South East Asia. Ebiquity, formerly Faulkner Media Management in South East Asia, is a global marketing and media performance specialist. The move is in response to rapidly growing client demand in Asia for independent and

  • Response Issue 15: The Asia-Pacific Issue
    Published on Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    Welcome to Response, Ebiquity’s quarterly publication on international marcoms. Content includes research into global media transparency, social media advertising best practice and Asia-Pacific articles from Ebiquity local offices; a look at CSR in APAC, cultural representation in Australian advertising, media trading in China and the advertising behind the Tourism Australia brand. Issue 15 contents: Cover