Monitoring and insight to provide the competitor intelligence necessary for effective comms planning.

We enable businesses and their agencies to understand what is being said to consumers about the brands in their market, via advertising and in earned and owned channels. Across the world we monitor advertising spend and creative messaging and capture online news and social media mentions too. Our teams analyze this data to establish what is being said and how widely it is being communicated. We work with clients to assess the likely impact, and to develop successful advertising and communication strategies to seize opportunities and guard against threats to their brand.

Market Intelligence explained

Market Intelligence

Questions we answer for marketers, PR, corporate comms, insight teams and agencies

  • How are our competitors’ media or messaging strategies changing, and what can we learn from them?
  • What are people really saying about my brand online?
  • How can I protect our brand from misuse by partners or third parties?
  • What are our competitors saying about themselves…where are they saying it… and how much are they spending?

Market Intelligence In Brief

  • Comprehensive Advertising Database

    Comprehensive Advertising Database

    The largest international advertising database; 20 million creatives spanning all media and 80+ countries

  • Expert Categorization

    Expert Categorization

    Category experts viewing over 2,000 ads each month

  • Experience


    Nearly 40 years advertising intelligence experience

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Analyzing billions of social interactions across multiple global platforms in real time.

  • Reputation


    Our reputation research has helped over 500 world class clients while winning 90 industry awards

  • Translations


    A network of native speakers and translators

  • Delivery


    Tailored delivery via SaaS, workshops, scorecards, alerts, reports and presentations

  • Diverse Client Base

    Diverse Client Base

    Working with over 200 businesses

Related Services

  • Advertising Intelligence

    Understand the advertising around you to improve your own

  • Communications Insight

    Custom analysis of brand behavior and communication activity to understand, inspire and direct clients' marcomms strategies

  • Social Media Analysis

    Fixed price social media and online news analysis delivering insight

  • Media Analysis

    Global media research giving companies and brands unique insights into how they are portrayed in the media

  • Advertising Compliance

    Protecting your brand and ensuring all marketing is on-message

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