Research, analytics and platforms to improve the impact of activity on core performance metrics

We enable businesses to optimize their performance against the metrics that matter to them, such as footfall, cost per acquisition, sales and profit. Because we have no vested interests in any marcomms channels, we’re able to provide truly objective analyses and recommendations.  By applying research, analysis and advanced statistical modeling to activity and effect data, we help clients to attribute the impact of different marketing communications activity on performance. As a result, our clients can adjust their budgets, media and message mix to improve return on investment.

Marketing Performance Optimization explained

Marketing Performance Optimization

Questions we answer for marketing, insight, analytics and commercial teams

  • What is the business impact of our marketing investments?
  • How do consumers and stakeholders feel and act toward our brand?
  • Is our analytics program delivering optimized results?
  • How do I make sure the right data is in front of the right people?

Marketing Performance Optimization In Brief

  • Objective


    No vested media interests - our advice is always objective and non-partisan

  • Sophisticated Methods

    Sophisticated Methods

    Sophisticated statistical analysis methods and tools

  • Experienced


    500+ effectiveness projects evaluating $16bn of marketing spend

  • Analysis


    Over 200 analysts monitor content from 50,000+ media channels across the globe

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