Objective recommendations that drive business performance

Ebiquity is ideally positioned to evaluate the effectiveness of media, promotions and other marketing activity. This is because we are independent of the media buying and selling chain; this guarantees our analysis and recommendations come only from the data and not any vested interest. We help our clients answer questions such as: “How can we make better planning decisions?”, “How can we make our budgets go further?” and “What is the business impact of our marketing investments?”

Circle ROI Effectiveness


The traditional approach to marketing effectiveness is backward-looking: did it work? We like to use our analysis in a forward-facing way. We work with our clients to ensure our findings are put into practice in their marketing plans. This stops waste before it happens, and ensures that all money that is signed off is being used in the best possible way.

Examples of our work:-

For a major Retailer, we created an improved media plan that would add c. £20m in profit to the client’s business.

For a Financial Services provider, we created a test and learn programme for new initiatives generating c. £35m in profit per year.

For an FMCG company, we continue to support a do-learn-do programme which has led to 4x sales increase, and 9x media ROI increase, through better product launches, better promotions strategy and better media strategy.

Technical expertise and media knowledge

Our consultants combine deep media knowledge, statistical skills and business acumen. We use a wide range of statistical tools and techniques to underpin our analysis. We match the statistical approach to the specific client situation. Where there is not an already established approach that meets client requirements, we use our expertise to develop unique statistical solutions to solve unique problems.

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Marketing ROI & Effectiveness

Questions we answer for marketing, insight and sales teams

  • How can we make better planning decisions?
  • How can we make our budgets go further?
  • What is the business impact of our marketing investments?
  • How can I bring key data and insights together in one place to present one version of the truth to my business?

Marketing ROI & Effectiveness In Brief

  • Objective


    No vested media interests; - we identify what's good for clients, NOT what's good for us

  • Actionable


    Ensure the findings we provide are utilized going forward

  • Experience


    700+ effectiveness projects evaluating $18bn of marketing spend

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