Proprietary tools and services to hold agencies to account and improve transparency and media performance.

We enable businesses to measure the cost-efficiency of their agencies’ media buying, and assess the quality of their planning and execution both, offline and online.

We use proprietary tools, methods and benchmark pools and apply extensive knowledge of the local media markets in which we operate to analyze the actual performance of our clients’ media budgets and how their agencies are performing. As a result, our clients can hold their agencies to account – often with a direct saving – and drive future planning and buying based on independent, data-driven insights.

Media Value Measurement explained

Media Value Measurement

Questions we answer for media, marketing, and procurement teams

  • How can I improve the value we get from our media spend?
  • Which is the right agency for us and how do we best reward them?
  • How do I tell whether our agencies are delivering and how they are performing?

Media Value Measurement In Brief

  • World Experts

    World Experts

    The world’s leading specialist - last year we analyzed $20bn of media spend from over 300 brands

  • Largest Database

    Largest Database

    The world’s largest cost database ($41bn pool)

  • Advanced Tools

    Advanced Tools

    Market-leading processes, tools and methodologies

  • Endorsed


    Effectiveness partners of World Federation of Advertisers

  • Market Expertise

    Market Expertise

    Experienced practitioners with agency and advertiser backgrounds in all major markets

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