Ebiquity Analytics shortlisted for IPA Effectiveness Award for Weetabix

by Nic Pietersma, Effectiveness Business Director
Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Following two recent blogs putting a spotlight on the 2018 IPA Effectiveness Awards for our clients Lidl and Direct Line Group, today we’re proud to showcase another fantastic case study. This one is for Weetabix. 

The Weetabix case study details explains how, by analysing the relationship between historic campaigns and profit ROI, Weetabix identified that there was still significant potential in the ‘Have you had your Weetabix’ idea which had run successfully for seven years. The IPA entry paper is titled “A Rembrandt in the attic”.  The lead author is Tom Roach (from BBH London), and contributing authors for the econometric analysis are Mike Campbell and Tom Loughnan (both from Ebiquity). Congratulations to my colleagues and both the agency and client teams for a powerful paper, one that caught the attention and approval of the IPA judges.

Nic Keeley, Senior Consumer Insight Manager, Weetabix, said: “All too often, clients and agencies get bored of ideas that were created years before, wanting to put their own stamp on the brand they’re working on. Unfortunately, this can often mean slow erosion of the things that mean the most to consumers. This was definitely the case for Weetabix … we had a powerful idea in ‘Have you had your Weetabix’ but we forgot about it, wanting to move on with the ‘next big thing’. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite work out the way we hoped but our back to basics review led us to re-discovering the great distinctive brand asset we’d filed away in the archives and allowed us to unlock the gates to success once again.”

To find out more about our work for Weetabix, download the case study here. The winners of the 2018 IPA Effectiveness Awards will be announced at an awards ceremony in London on 9 October.