Designing a Strategic Roadmap for Digital Analytics Success

by Marketing Team,
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Designing a Strategic Roadmap for Digital Analytics Success

Digital analytics has quickly become an integral part of marketing success for companies engaged in any manner of online activity. From advertisers to marketers, tracking digital ad spending to conversion rates, digital analytics are at the center of it all. Gaining an understanding of how users find and interact with your online initiatives can provide critical insights into increasing engagement, conversions and, ultimately, driving business success.


However, the universe of digital analytics is truly enormous and understanding how the different pieces of the puzzle fit together—and when they are relevant—is not a trivial task. In our recently published report with the World Federation of Advertisers on Online Advertising Effectiveness, only 28% of respondents agreed that they were satisfied with the measurement of their online display activity. That number drops to 21% when asked if they were satisfied with the detail of reporting for their online display activity.


Without a clear and coherent narrative, analytical efforts can be easily derailed and, in a worst-case scenario, end in an unproductive cycle of wheel-churning, burning time and money. So how can you make sure that your company successfully navigates the realm of digital analytics? By creating and utilizing a strategic roadmap for success.


Key Strategic Roadmap Stages


A strategic roadmap is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a set of directions to move from point A (digital analytics as it exists at your company today) to point B (where you want to be). It’s a tool for organizing the complex combination of processes, tools, and human resources that constitute an analytics program while aligning them with current capabilities and future needs.


All kinds of organizations can benefit from a strategic roadmap. For example, an organization has previously installed tracking scripts on their website to collect and use data to help influence their business decisions. Somewhere along the process though, the implementation of multiple dashboards and integration of multichannel data sources became too cumbersome and complex. Currently, the digital analytics program is stuck in the unproductive cycle of wheel churning that we described earlier. Or, perhaps an organization is considering starting a digital analytics program but, with the enormous and rapidly growing universe of digital analytics looming, have no idea where to start.


Sound familiar? This is precisely why having a strategic roadmap is so important, it allows you to breakdown the critical stages of your analytics program to ensure that you end up where you want to go. You can break down the typical strategic roadmap into four distinct stages:


  1. Basic Reporting: every organization begins with basic reporting.
  2. Customization: as you master the basics, you can begin to build customized implementations.
  3. Advanced Analytics: you start to integrate other data sources and deploy advanced multichannel technology.
  4. Sustained Advantage: you finally enter the stage of being a data-driven organization with a sustained competitive advantage. 


The Importance of a Sequential Process


Each strategic roadmap should be designed as a sequential process, similar to the left-to-right flow seen in the example image above. A clearly outlined roadmap is important but as with any path, deviations often occur and it is ok to work on high-priority initiatives that are in later phases of the roadmap while completing some of the more cumbersome basics if you are able to do so. Following a strategic, stage-by-stage, approach to developing and deploying an analytics program will help you stay on track throughout the entire process and ensure a positive ROI on your digital investments.


No matter where you are headed, such as advanced strategies like Digital Experience Monitoring or Full stack server-side optimization, a strategic roadmap is a highly useful tool for planning and execution.​​​​​​​


Does your business need help defining and implementing a Strategic Roadmap for Digital Analytics success? Stratigent is an industry leader in digital analytics solutions and we have assisted dozens of clients in developing and executing analytics strategies across a variety of business verticals. Reach out to us today at to ensure your data is working for you.