The Data Management Platform (DMP) is the ‘new black’ in marketing – the must-have solution that draws together data from multiple sources and enables advertisers to make smarter decisions about their marketing investments.

Everyone wants one. Everyone thinks they need one. And those that haven’t got one yet fear they might be missing out.

Before deciding that they need to build and run a DMP themselves, advertisers should first subject themselves to a rigorous strategic review. This will determine whether they have the time, resource, skill set, and strategic need for one.

Gaelle Simon-Drocourt, Head of Digital at Ebiquity France, helps determine whether a Data Management Platform is right for you by discussing the following areas in this Viewpoint.

  • A Case for a need
  • Who’s in control and who should be?
  • Do advertisers need to run a DMP themselves?
  • Questions to help advertisers know if they are DMP ready
  • ROI, HR, or PR?
  • The Ebiquity approach

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