Bandt Australia and Campaign Brief report on when the results will be revealed for “Payback Australia”, an independent study commissioned by ThinkTV, to calculate the average return on investment that each media has generated for brands over a 3 year period, along with “The Benchmark Series”, an independent study examining topics such as the impact of viewability, sponsorship, premium content and viewing device to interrogate the effectiveness of video advertising across devices and platforms.

Richard Basil-Jones, Managing Director, APAC – Ebiquity, will present the full industry report of the Payback Australia study, along with Dr Nelson-Field, Professor of Media Innovation at the University of Adelaide, who will present the full findings of the viewability component of The Benchmark Series at the ReThinkTV 2017 event, held on Thursday 14th September at Luna Park Sydney.

ThinkTV, CEO, Kim Portrate comments:

We are committed to proving the efficacy and return on investment of TV advertising, and The Benchmark Series will complement our $1 million Payback Australia study to debunk the myth that TV advertising is less effective than other channels.

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First featured 14/08/2017.