Campaign’s recent feature on ‘What does it take to be a media agency leader now?’ highlights how the media industry has been left reeling by a number of high-profile departures. With concerns around transparency mounting and life at the big agency groups getting tougher by the day, Campaign speaks to a few media agency leaders on what it takes to be a media agency leader now.

Nick Manning, Chief Strategy Officer at Ebiquity shares his perspective;

Great leadership is the same in every business. Media agencies need great business leaders more than ever, gifted people who are more than good media technicians who have been promoted. They need to be able to bat, bowl and field to a consistently high standard, and be financially highly capable. They need to have a growth strategy that builds revenue and margin through strong pricing, up-selling and success-based fees, not just new client wins.

A primary skill is the ability to speak the client’s business language, understand the key drivers of business, not just media, success and articulate how the agency contributes to that success, with evidence. They should avoid the temptation to portray their agency in a way that clients don’t appreciate by over-playing the latest hot buttons such as addressable TV, especially in pitches. And most of all they need to be relentlessly positive, even when the whole world seems to be caving in. A sense of proportion is probably the most important personal attribute right now, but in short supply.

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First featured 18/10/2017.