How to manage your Macro Budget. Effectively.

Viewpoint May 2018
How to manage your Macro Budget. Effectively.

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Beginning with the benefits

Maximise the performance of your marketing budget across your brand and product portfolios, and also across international borders. Discover how to allocate funds more effectively - factoring in sales, profitability, and the effects of advertising to better understand overall 'market attractiveness' - and improve the profitability of your marketing investment by as much as 25-30%.

Photo of Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell

Head of International Effectiveness

Mike leads Ebiquity’s International Effectiveness Practice, helping brands to optimise marketing investments across multiple markets. He is based in our London office. Prior to joining Ebiquity, he spent 12 years as MD of Ninah Consulting’s London office and global head of its FMCG Centre of Excellence, working with Nestlé, Diageo, and General Mills.

This document covers the following:

  • The challenges of allocating marketing budgets across brand and product portfolios
  • Why the two most common practices are flawed
  • The importance of strategic scoring and future growth potential
  • Understanding overall market attractiveness
  • What structural and cultural barriers to look out for
  • How to place the right bets to maximise overall growth and profitability
Ensure that you have a genuinely balanced portfolio, with some products marked for aggressive growth, others for maintenance growth, and some for future growth