Who needs a Data Management Platform anyway?

Viewpoint May 2018
Who needs a Data Management Platform anyway?

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Introducing DMP

The must-have solution that draws together data from multiple sources and enables advertisers to make smarter decisions about their marketing investments. Everyone wants one. Everyone thinks they need one. And those that haven't got one yet feat they might be missing out.

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Gaelle Simon-Drocourt

Digital Cross Practices

Gaëlle has more than ten years’ media experience. She worked for eight years in media agencies, first for Isobar (Carat) as a digital search expert, and then at Netbooster. She launched the digital offer at FLE France in 2012, and joined Ebiquity when FLE was acquired in 2013. She is based in Paris.

This document covers the following:

  • The case for need
  • Who's in control and who should be?
  • Do advertisers need to run a DMP themselves?
  • Questions to help advertisers know is they are DMP ready
  • ROI, HR, or PR?
  • The Ebiquity approach
The US DMP market is set to grow at a 43 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2015 to 2021