Making the case for long-termism in marketing investment 

Ebiquity are key partners in our insight and effectiveness programme. Innovative research and analytics have helped us change the way we think about marketing investment both in the long-term and the short-term, which has ultimately helped in achieving better returns.

Ann Constantine Head of Marketing Effectiveness and Insight at Direct Line Group

Case Study Highlights

  • Analysed long-term impact of brand ads in all sales environments
  • Developed portfolio strategy for marketing investment
  • Identified evidence and rationale for short- and long-term effects


Direct Line Group (DLG) is a U.K. insurance company, with a portfolio of brands appealing to different types of customers. The portfolio includes Direct Line, Churchill, Green Flag, and Privilege. Some brands are sold direct only, while others are also sold on price comparison sites. DLG wanted to better understand how different levels of investment support the different brands across its portfolio, both short term and long term. The company was looking to establish best practice in balancing investment in customer acquisition and brand support for its product lines in all sales environments.


  • 1. Quantified the role of brand in the price comparison website environment
  • 2. Improved propositions/customer experience for DLG's brands
  • 3. Improved propositions/customer experience for DLG's brands
  • 4. Provided evidence for putting support behind brand icons shown to be key to familiarity and trust

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