Optimising social media investment

Before we assessed the impact of social, we found it hard to make a solid business case – to the company or our franchisees – about how we were performing and what we should do as a result. By understanding what topics, issues, and types of content drive conversation and engagement, we’ve been able to fine-tune our content and  engagement strategies.

Sacha Clark Country Marketing Director at Subway UK & Ireland

Case Study Highlights

  • Reviewed all social media activity for Subway vs competitors
  • Identified levers of fan growth in quick service restaurant sector
  • Demonstrated link between paid ads and earned social


Subway UK & Ireland needed to understand how effective its social media activity was. The marketing leadership team wanted to give the board a rationale for what they should invest in which channels, based on actual impact of social media. And as Subway is a franchised operation, the team also needed to address franchisee questions about what central marketing delivered through social.


  • 1. Generated higher volume of proactive and engaging social media content
  • 2. Fine-tuned content strategies most relevant for each social media platform
  • 3. Achieved best-in-class customer engagement compared with competitors
  • 4. Set up dedicated customer service Twitter, based on travel/retail model

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