Predictions for media and marketing in the year ahead

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Following the challenges advertisers have faced supporting brands under Covid, they could be forgiven for hoping that 2022 would be simpler and more straightforward.
Yet because of the accelerating rate of innovation in both technology and available media platforms and formats, Ebiquity believes digital marketing will become more complex in the year ahead. According to the Law of Media: it will never be easier than it is today.


  • Media pricing
  • Advanced TV
  • Third-party cookies
  • Agency contract compliance
// What we want to investigate and why


We believe that, if advertisers are aware of likely developments in these critical areas, they will be better equipped to deal with and thrive in the post-pandemic market.

  • Media and Marketing
  • What is to expect in 2022?
// What we've discovered and suggest


  • Digital media spend will increase in 2022, driving up the cost of quality inventory
  • Ad revenue from connected TV will more than double over the next four years
  • 2022 will see increased tension between concerns over privacy and competition
  • More advertisers will start auditing more than just their media agencies
  • Acceleration of innovation in both technology and available media platforms and formats

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