Digital Media Performance: The Power of Context

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Ebiquity’s digital media experts have come together to produce this practical, straight-talking guide on context to meaningfully improve the business media performance impact in your digital marketing investments.

Digital media can and does drive real and meaningful return on investment, but the complexity and large numbers of actors operating right across the digital ecosystem mean that the devil is in the detail.

Ensuring that your ads appear in the right context – the right ads appearing before the right potential customers in the right environment and alongside the right content – is one of the keys to success in digital marketing.


  • Invest in the right inventory
  • Choose the right KPIs
  • Block the right keywords
  • Build the right attribution model
// What we want to investigate and why


We know that ads perform best in high-quality contexts, yet too often we see campaigns with little focus on context, and little understanding of where ads are appearing.

In this guide we’ve focused on four topic areas related to the overarching issue of context in digital media performance.
The topic areas are:

  • investing in the right inventory
  • choosing the right KPIs
  • blocking the right keywords
  • building the right attribution model
  • Look beyond the standard viewability ratings
  • Invest in the right inventory
  • Choose the right KPIs
// What we've discovered and suggest


Context is king when it comes to improving the performance of digital media. As in real estate, driving ROI in digital is driven by “location, location, location”. Given the complexity of the ecosystem, simplicity and clarity should be your watchwords when it comes to using the effective levers available to brands to run ads in the right context.

  • Build best practice for choosing the right KPIs
  • Build the right attribution model
  • Block the right keywords

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