Surviving the Cookie Apocalypse

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Cookies crumbling, how concerned should digital marketers be? Stay competitive with best-in-class data, action, and insights to help you lead confidently a cookie-free marketplace.

As Google prepares to turn off third-party cookies on Chrome by the start of 2022, it’s important that advertisers take an active role in considering and deciding how they plan to replace the gap left by the death of the cookie.

The demise of the third-party cookie means that brands will no longer be able to create digital advertising campaigns which have reliable audience reach metrics. Nor will they be able to cap exposure of ads for frequency as cookies had, until now, enabled them to do. Some are calling the imminent shake-up ‘the cookie apocalypse’.


  • Tangible advice for brands to help prepare them for a cookie-free marketplace
  • 9% of marketers have a definitive plan in place
  • What are cookies and why are they important?
// What we want to investigate and why


This Digital Media Performance guide will uncover the answers to:

  • Top-line reasons on why third-party cookies will soon be a footnote on the history of digital marketing
  • What are the consequences of a cookie-free world
  • A breakdown of actions brands can do to get ready for 2022
  • How to avoid the demise of the third-party cookie through enhanced compliance auditing
  • Reach and frequency compromised
  • Five ways to prepare
  • Why third-party cookies are on the way out
// What we've discovered and suggest


In January 2020, Google announced in a blog post that it intended ’to render third-party cookies obsolete within two years’ on its Chrome browser, which has ~70% global market share. Understandably, coronavirus has diverted advertisers’ attention from Google’s announcement of the most significant change in digital advertising in years. And while many are weathering the storm of the pandemic, at time of writing there is less than a year before brands need to have a plan in place for a cookie-free world. Some are calling the imminent shake-up ‘the cookie apocalypse’.

  • Brands unconcerned about the phasing-out of the tracking cookie
  • Cookies crumbling, most brands unprepared

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