Advanced TV  – the questions to ask

Guide May 2021
Advanced TV – the questions to ask

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Advanced TV – the questions to ask


How we watch TV is changing. How ads are served on TV is changing. How consumers are targeted on TV is changing. This all means that TV is a term too narrow with too much legacy to adequately describe advertising wrapped around the experience of watching filmed entertainment. TV has grown up to become Advanced TV.

The Internet Advertising Bureau defines advanced TV as: “an umbrella term that refers to television content … beyond traditional, linear TV delivery models. Advanced TV targeting enables advertisers to serve one ad to one household as opposed to broadcasting the same ad to all households. Advanced TV includes OTT (Over the Top)/Connected TV, Addressable TV, and Addressable Video on Demand.”*

It's vital that advertisers invest in advanced TV with their eyes wide open. The best way to do this is by holding their agency partners to account, challenging them knowledgably on new technologies and the diverse and innovative ways they can buy TV advertising.

Photo of Maya Arber

Maya Arber

Director Technology Advisory

Based in London, Maya Arber has 14 years’ experience in digital media, having worked across various media agency, digital media auditing and consultancy roles. She joined Ebiquity in 2014, initially in the Media practice where she led and expanded the UK digital media team. She was instrumental in evolving the methodology for measuring programmatic activity and other core services. Since playing a key role in the launch and establishment of the Tech practice in 2018, Maya has acted as UK Director for Tech. She is also a member of Ebiquity’s UK Senior Leadership Team. As well as heading operations for the Tech team, she brings a wealth of operational and planning experience to her client engagements and is responsible for the management of a roster of global consultancy projects.

Photo of Jason Liew

Jason Liew

Director of Advertising and Programmatic Technology

Jason is an expert in advertising technology, with more than ten years’ experience. Before joining Ebiquity, he was head of programmatic at Collective, and also ran technical operations at both the Daily Mail Group and Time Inc. During his time at Google, Jason helped to run the company’s Doubleclick adserving technology.

The era of advanced TV advertising has begun. As the new technology develops, greater complexities arise. To navigate these complexities, it's vital that advertisers invest in advanced TV with their eyes wide open and by asking the right questions.