Surviving the Cookie Apocalypse 

Guide March 2021
Digital Media Performance: Surviving the Cookie Apocalypse

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Tangible advice for brands to help prepare them for a cookie-free marketplace

Avoid the cookie apocalypse through enhanced compliance auditing

Cookies crumbling, how concerned should digital marketers be?

Stay competitive with best-in-class data, action, and insights to help you lead confidently a cookie-free marketplace.

As Google prepares to turn off third-party cookies on Chrome by the start of 2022, it’s important that advertisers take an active role in considering and deciding how they plan to replace the gap left by the death of the cookie.

The demise of the third-party cookie means that brands will no longer be able to create digital advertising campaigns which have reliable audience reach metrics. Nor will they be able to cap exposure of ads for frequency as cookies had, until now, enabled them to do. Some are calling the imminent shake-up ‘the cookie apocalypse’.

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Ebiquity Digital Performance Guide


How brands can get ready for 2022

Key Insights: Infographic

This infographic provides marketing leaders with key findings from our Cookieless guide.

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Key Insights: 4 consequences

•  Reach and frequency compromised

•  Weaker targeting and retargeting

•  A fundamental question of attribution

•  Increased dominance for the walled gardens

Key Insights: 5 ways to prepare

•  Understanding the data

•  Review your tech stack, processes, and teams

•  Make better use of context to target consumers

•  Investigate the opportunity of media consortia and universal ids

•  Set more meaningful measures of success

This Digital Media Performance guide will uncover the answers to:


•  Top-line reasons on why third-party cookies will soon be a footnote on the history of digital marketing

•  What are the consequences of a cookie-free world

•  A breakdown of actions brands can do to get ready for 2022

•  How to avoid the demise of the third-party cookie through enhanced compliance auditing

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