Digital Media Performance: The Power of Context

Guide November 2020
Digital Media Performance: The Power of Context

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The Power of Context: An Ebiquity Guide to improving digital media performance


Digital media can and does drive real and meaningful return on investment, but the complexity and large numbers of actors operating right across the digital ecosystem mean that the devil is in the detail.

Ensuring that your ads appear in the right context – the right ads appearing before the right potential customers in the right environment and alongside the right content – is one of the keys to success in digital marketing.

Context is king when it comes to improving the performance of digital media. As in real estate, driving ROI in digital is driven by “location, location, location”. Given the complexity of the ecosystem, simplicity and clarity should be your watchwords when it comes to using the effective levers available to brands to run ads in the right context.

Contributors to this guide include specialists across our Media and Tech practices, our specialist contract compliance business, FirmDecisions, and our digital media monitoring business, Digital Decisions:  

Angus Mclean - Director, London;
Travis Lusk - Director, North America;
Ben Millar - Director, APAC;
Martina Nikolova - Client Partner, Digital Decisions.

Photo of Jide Sobo

Jide Sobo

Director, Strategy & Innovation

Jide Sobo is Director, Strategy & Innovation at Ebiquity. He brings a wealth of experience to the role, having previously been Director of Digital at the company. He has worked in digital marketing for the last 15 years, advising clients including J&J, Danone, Kingfisher, Morrisons, Burger King, and Tesco. He has also partnered with mobile operators where he helped develop early mobile advertising propositions. Before joining Ebiquity, Jide was Head of Mobile for media agency MEC.

Photo of Federica Bowman

Federica Bowman

Chief Executive Officer, FirmDecisions

Federica is the CEO of FirmDecisions. Before her appointment she was Managing Director for FirmDecisions’ global digital services.

What it covers

 Investing in the right inventory

 Choosing the right KPIs     

 Blocking the right keywords 

 Building the right attribution model

Digital promised increased efficiency, but marketing effectiveness has been steadily falling for almost a decade.