Driving digital marketing excellence from the centre for Audi

Ebiquity’s expertise was and is of great help to zoom in on areas that we did not previously deep dive into and obtain insights in a granularity that allows for improvements, right from set-up through to optimization and reporting. It feeds back into and is an integral part of our international Audi Drive programme and creates awareness for topics that were historically considered black boxes, especially at headquarters level.

Brand Communication Content Marketing, at Audi


  • Delivered best-in class digital marketing operations.
  • Understand how to secure superior efficiency and quality audiences
  • Dive deep into the full tech stack


At a global level, Audi has put in place initiatives designed to deliver best-in class digital marketing operations. The company’s focus for 2020 was to understand if and how local markets had aligned behind these plans. In particular, the global team wanted to know how well markets were using ad tech to secure superior efficiency and quality audiences.


  1. Determined Audi’s strategic and operational capabilities at a market level
  2. Improved and surfaced emerging issues that required central support and focus for the year ahead
  3. Audi continues to nurture an always-learning, always-evolving dialogue with its markets