perfetti van melle case study 1

Increasing global visibility, while driving best practice and value improvement locally

In 2022, Ebiquity helped Perfetti realise up to 53% of their 2021 value opportunity across markets through close collaboration and effective change management.


  • 15% global value opportunity in 2021
  • Up to 53% realised across markets in 2022


As a globally distributed advertiser, Perfetti van was looking to increase visibility of their digital media buying across markets, increase transparency, and improve the quality of media and trading by reducing digital wastage.

The Perfetti teams set out to create a structured goverence programme across markets and business units – designed to create accountability, and maximise the value of digital investments.

Our approach

  1. Designed, rolled out and managed rules based, Golden Principles for best trading (value levers) – used to strategically analyse digital performance and identify the issue areas that are driving waste.
  2. Created a robust data and insights infrastructure to provide timely and independent validated visibility of delivery and performance across markets.
  3. Uncovered actionable insights in digital performance, quantified recommendations for value improvement and tracking of realised efficiency.

Business Impact

Perfetti van Melle’s Governance Programme creates transparency into the buying practices across markets through close collaboration and effective change management.

In 2023, Ebiquity expanded the programme across 16 markets to further increase accountability and drive value. We continue to work closely with the Perfetti teams and agencies to maintain a robust source of truth for their digital trading practices, helping them eliminate waste and drive further value globally.