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Re-evaluating Media the Belgian edition

The best outcome is to get all the media working together to complement each other.

In March 2018 Ebiquity published the Re-evaluating Media study – the most in-depth review ever of the value of different media in the UK. In early 2019, VIA, The Belgian Association of Audio Visual Media (formerly ABMA-BVAM) approached us to repeat the study for the Belgian market.

The study – Re-evaluating Media: the Belgian edition – sets out to:

  1. Identify what advertisers and agencies consider to be the most important attributes in delivering a campaign that grows the business in the long term
  2. Evaluate how each medium performs against these attributes through a comprehensive review of published research
  3. Contrast this with views gathered from interviews with over 100 advertisers and agencies on how they see each medium perform
  4. Produce an overall ranking of the relative value of each medium based on the evidence that we have collected
  5. Get a sense of where advertisers and agencies see the industry going.

As in the study produced in the UK in 2018, the findings reveal that it is time for the industry in Belgium to re-evaluate media decisions to optimise advertising budgets.