Top 50 Australian Advertisers Report 2017

by Marketing Team,
Monday, August 20, 2018

2017 was a year of major change and transformation in the media and marketing world. Ebiquity’s 2017 Advertiser Report offers an insight into these changes, providing a comprehensive summary of Australian advertising activity over the 12 months.

The reports focus is on the big advertisers and their brand messages, including some of the higher profile campaigns that were top of mind that captured the media space throughout the year.

Our 'Year in Review' timeline captures a wide range of events from throughout the year such as; Donald Trump taking office, the UK voting to leave the EU, and Australians voting YES on the Same Sex Marriage debate, just to name a few.

Transparency was a big issue during the year as Marc Pritchard from P&G called out the media world to become more transparent or risk losing their business, Ebiquity was called in to help determine how bad this issue was. Trust was also a hot topic for advertisers as they continued to shine a spotlight on their relationships with their media agencies and their acceptance around face value analytics from Digital companies.

In the special reports section, we uncover which categories have grown and declined in media spend against the previous year and reveal a few interesting trends. You will also find a summary of a study conducted in 2017 on how ethnically diverse TV advertising is in Australia. These results are compared with the same study we conducted in 2013 to uncover how far, or perhaps not far, the industry has come.

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