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Handing over MMM data like a professional 

In this latest edition of The Wheelhouse blog series, group Director Nic Pietersma considers what should happen when, as invariably happens, relationships come to a natural end. He focuses on improving handover between one MMM provider and the next, in the best interests of the advertisers.

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WFA Knowledge Spotlights

Enhancing Marketing Skills: WFA Knowledge Spotlights initiative  

Knowledge Spotlights is a new series of courses by WFA aiming to enhance the skills of emerging marketing leaders, helping them thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape. Ebiquity, along with other founding partners, is proud to spearhead this initiative, focusing on establishing a robust foundation for better marketing in the rapidly evolving and influential Asia Pacific region.


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media leader mfa travis lusk

Row over MFA label for publishers hits boiling point

Made for Advertising (MFA) sites received 21% of all ad impressions and 15% of digital ad spend. Our Travis Lusk shared with The Media Leader valuable insights on the challenges publishers face in distinguishing themselves from low-quality ad mediums.

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