Ebiquity is pleased to announce today the global expansion of their Agency Selection & Management service, which is part of the Media management practiceOur Media practice provides the most comprehensive, end-to-end agency selection framework and process available globally, to help advertisers select and manage the right agency partners.  

Our unrivalled experience and expertise makes us the world leaders in agency selection advisory services. Our Agency Selection service is chosen by more of the world’s biggest brands than any other. Each year, we help around 100 of the world’s leading advertisers to select and manage the right agency partners. We also help to ensure that the right capabilities, processes, and governance in-house are in place. In 2017, we helped 93 businesses in Europe, the US and APAC with agency selection.  

The Agency Selection & Management service is designed to define the most relevant operating model, to identify the best potential partners, and to run a comprehensive selection process customisable to the client requirements. The framework covers media agencies of record, as well as specialist agencies, such as search.  

Laetitia Zinetti, Managing Principal Media Management, says: 

“Agency selection is an art and a science – an art because it demands stakeholder management and personal relationships, a science because it requires rigorous application of structured methodology. The Ebiquity team is best armed to advise you on this complex process.” 


Supporting viewpoint and credentials

With the expansion, the Media practice has created a Viewpoint paper “The Art and Science of Agency Selection” that can be downloaded here. 

To learn more about Agency Selection & Management and to view our credentials, click here. 

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