Ebiquity plc, world leaders in media investment analysis, announced today the launch of the Digital Innovation Centre, the central hub in charge of the new digital solutions portfolio. Effective immediately, the central dedicated mission control unit will develop, maintain, and deliver digital solutions for the consultancy’s global blue-chip clients, including Huawei, and Mars.

This launch marks the completion of Ebiquity Group’s integration with Digital Decisions, transforming digital capabilities and capacity across its global network. Moving forward, Digital Decisions will operate as Ebiquity’s Digital Innovation Centre.

Ron Amram, Global Head of Media at Mars Inc, said:

Digital Decisions and Ebiquity bring a deep understanding of the digital supply chain, critical data expertise, and strong collaborative spirit to their clients, unlocking effectiveness and value to digital investment. Their formation of the Digital Innovation Centre solidifies this capability.”

Vinod Subramanian, Global Marketing & Procurement Director, Huawei added:

With digital and performance media investments increasing, it is imperative that the traditional audit practices are revisited. The independence, robustness, and coverage of Ebiquity coupled with Digital Decisions ensures all digital investments are held accountable, transparent, direct from source, and more importantly, actionable is a perfect combination. This ensures that our audits are a lot more joined up and able to address a larger portion of the investments. The integration and launch of Ebiquity´s Digital Innovation Centre is already in operation, and we look forward to working with one integrated Ebiquity moving forward.”

The Digital Innovation Centre extracts trillions of digital ad impressions worth billions of spend directly from the source on behalf of its clients, operating the proprietary Media Data Vault for secure and scalable management and monitoring of the data. In partnership with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), Ebiquity deployed the Digital Media Benchmark, which forms the foundation of ad quality benchmarking for large global brands, providing quarterly benchmarks processing over 10 trillion impressions.

Stephan Loerke, Chief Executive Officer, World Federation of Advertisers, said:

WFA has had a close and productive strategic partnership for a number of years with both Digital Decisions and Ebiquity. We have found them both to be highly professional and competent in their respective fields – and a pleasure to work with. Now that they move to full integration, we look forward to a turbocharged partnership at a time when accountability of digital ad spend is of utmost importance to brand owners.”

To drive the integrated growth, the group has made some key staff changes. Ruben Schreurs (formerly CEO of Digital Decisions) has been appointed as Group Chief Product Officer at Ebiquity, and Peter Hanford (formerly CCO of Digital Decisions) has been appointed as Group Director of Digital Growth at Ebiquity. Furthermore, Lars Noordewier (Digital Decisions co-founder and formerly COO) will fulfil the duties of Managing Director of the Digital Innovation Centre, supported by its leadership team.

Nick Waters, Global Chief Executive Officer, Ebiquity, said:

As an independent operator at the centre of the industry, we have the capability and responsibility to drive efficiency, effectiveness and principle-driven growth for our clients. This is the reason we brought Ruben Schreurs and his team into the company last year.  Fully integrating the team into Ebiquity will accelerate our ability to define the next generation of media investment analysis.”

A central team manages data streams for the Digital Innovation Center from over 50 countries across all continents. Ebiquity’s unique solutions include structural global monitoring, governance, productivity and effectiveness insights, waste elimination, investment effectiveness maximization, and creation of value. Clients can take advantage of the new offering immediately.

For more information please contact Olga de Giovanni, Global PR and Communications Manager, Ebiquity Plc.


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