Ebiquity is proud to announce that two of its senior members, Debbie Morrison and Ruben Schreurs, have been featured in the World Federation of Advertisers’ (WFA) 70th anniversary honours list. The list recognizes 70 individuals worldwide who have made a significant impact and helped shape the WFA’s mission of championing advertiser issues and rights across the globe since its inception in 1953.

Debbie Morrison, Managing Director of Global Partnerships and Events has been associated with the WFA for almost 35 years. She played a vital role in encouraging the WFA to establish a Global Marketing Sourcing Group, similar to the COMPG group she formed at ISBA. Debbie now manages the partnership between Ebiquity and the WFA, ensuring that their shared agenda of creating a better media world together is reflected in their joint activities.

Ruben Schreurs, Group Chief Product Officer at Ebiquity, has also been instrumental in sharing his extensive knowledge of digital with the WFA and its members. He has provided digital benchmarks and valuable insights into responsible media, helping to inform the WFA’s crucial sustainability agenda.

Nick Waters, CEO of Ebiquity, expressed his delight at the recognition received by Debbie and Ruben, stating that

Our relationship with the WFA continues to go from strength to strength, and we congratulate them on their 70th anniversary. We look forward to many more years of championing advertisers’ rights together.

Ebiquity’s inclusion in the WFA’s 70th anniversary honours list is a testament to their commitment to creating a better media World for all. Their partnership with the WFA has enabled them to work towards a common goal of ensuring that advertisers’ issues and rights are recognized and protected across the globe.

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