Ebiquity’s partnered with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) through their Thought Leadership Program, and will be curating several original thought leadership pieces to feature in the ANA’s Newsstand Forward section. Below you can find the first article.

Christian Polman, Group Strategy Officer, poses the key questions that brands should consider before in-housing any of their marketing services, with a particular focus on digital media.

In-housing should not be entered into lightly. Advertisers should always start by asking themselves why they want to do it, what they aim to achieve in terms of marketing and business objectives, and whether there are alternatives. They should also consider the motivations of the consultants who are offering in-housing services, many of whom have skin in the game. What’s more, they should remember that in-housing versus outsourcing is not binary, and start by experimenting.

Before deciding to bring any marketing technology and services under direct control, marketers should carefully consider which elements they might bring in-house, why they want to do so, and what the consequences might be. The decision to in-house or outsource is not black and white, there are many shades of grey in between.”

Christian Polman, Chief Strategy Officer

For many brands, the future will be a hybrid model that blends both internal and external agencies — and, for some brands, that future already exists.

As marketers contemplate the factors that go into choosing an option that most benefits their brands, and to ensure a thorough consideration of in-housing’s pros and cons, they should hold to one discerning adage: look before you leap.

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