Ebiquity is pleased to share its forecast for UK’s media in the year ahead. It covers: Digital Media, TV, National Press, Out-of-Home, and Radio.

The biggest single factor on the demand side in 2019 will be Brexit, and the terms and timescale of the UK’s departure from the European Union.

In Digital, we predict three major trends:

  • Changing auction dynamics and continued consolidation in adtech
  • More evidence of – and action on – ad fraud
  • Further fall-out from GDPR

Additionally, Amazon will continue to challenge Google and Facebook – as well as in-store retail spend – as its advertising might propels it to number three in the digital advertising market.

In TV, we believe that the elusive 16-34-year-old and housewives with kids’ demographics will become increasingly difficult to reach, driving up cost-per thousand prices. It will also start to cost more to reach older, more affluent consumers.

In National Press, ad revenue will fall in 2019 as will the cost of ad space. The circulations of paid-for papers will continue to fall, though not for freesheets.

In Out-of-Home, as established and new players drive the pace of digitisation, prices for sites will fall a little while prices for audiences will actually grow a little.

And in Radio, a medium in revival, prices will show modest increases.

To learn more about our media predictions click here.

Note: in this report we give our predictions of trends in media and media pricing, but not specific percentage or rate increases. For more detail on predicted trends in specific channels, please contact:

Disclaimer: This report is for information purposes only and should not be viewed as guidance or advice. Ebiquity and its group companies do not warrant the contents of this report nor accept any liability for any decisions that you make once you have read the article. Please speak with your Ebiquity contact if you require further details

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