Never before has the pace of change in marketing been faster, and as a result, never before has the discipline been more fragmented and complex. Throughout our 20-plus year history, Ebiquity has remained entirely independent of the media supply chain. This has been a core strategic decision we’ve made consciously and consistently and it’s one that underpins our role in the marketing ecosystem. We are a neutral and objective advisor, free of conflicts of interests. We believe that the prevailing complexity of the market makes this position more desirable and relevant than ever.

But independence alone doesn’t drive value. Ultimately the value we create for our clients comes from the principles that drive our business and which we apply in all our consulting engagements. In this context, I’m delighted to announce the launch today of the Ebiquity Manifesto, the five core tenets of what we believe constitutes best practice in marketing management. These are the five key principles that we believe enable CMOs to unlock the full potential of every last dollar of marketing investment and drive greater business impact. They are:

1. We believe marketing is as much a science as it is an art and that brands enhance the business impact of marketing when they align it with business outcomes.

2. We believe that CMOs should have a single view of total marketing performance, treating the ecosystem as an integrated whole across the customer journey.

3. We believe that brands and their agency partners can achieve better marketing outcomes by aligning all interests behind clear business objectives.

4. We believe brands should own and control the strategic elements of marketing, including consumer data, parts of marketing technology, and measurement and analytics data.

5. We believe in the power of independent analysis and advice of marketing performance data, supported by best-in-class governance and conducted with high integrity.

Our purpose as a business is creating clarity for CMOs and marketing leaders from our position of independence, and we believe that these five principles exemplify the steps brands need to take to achieve this goal. The key to faster growth and increased profit is for brands and their agency partners to master not just the art but also the science of marketing analytics. By taking a data-driven approach to marketing, it is possible for CMOs to demonstrate the bottom-line impact of their marketing spend and to speak the language of the C-suite.

To find out more about the Ebiquity Manifesto and to see examples of the theory in practice, click here to download this short but – we believe – powerful document. Our new Manifesto isn’t carved in stone, and we’re keen to improve in continuously. Do let us know what you think and how you believe we can make it better yet.

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