With the industry facing some of its biggest changes ever and with Cannes Lions in full swing, today we announce the launch of the Ebiquity Media Model™, a foundational guide for Chief Marketing Officers looking to optimize media spend holistically across their marketing programs.

The Ebiquity Media Model™ serves as the go-to framework for marketers as they strive to make clearer and more informed decisions about media investments, driving better business outcomes. The model, as well as its accompanying whitepaper, tackles issues as diverse as content, activation, measurement, optimization, compliance, and marketing effectiveness.



Christian Polman, Chief Strategy Officer at Ebiquity and author of the Ebiquity Media Model™, said:


CMOs need a structured framework to not only make sense of all aspects of today’s complex and fragmented media landscape but also take advantage of the emerging opportunities available for brands. We’ve designed the Ebiquity Media Model™ to help CMOs see the forest for the trees and make more informed decisions about insights, media planning, creative content, buying and activation, and measuring real outcomes.”

The Ebiquity Media Model™ provides advertisers with a three-step process toward greater media performance. It begins with CMOs defining and designing the role of media in the context of their overall business goals. Then, those marketers must identify, select, and on-board partners to deliver and execute optimal media strategy. With the key elements of a successful media program in place, the right governance and compliance must follow suit.

Alan Rutherford, Global Chairman of Ebiquity’s media practice, said:

The Ebiquity Media Model™ gives CMOs a blueprint for media success to maximize return on investment strategically, operationally, and tactically. We are pleased to serve as the most trusted independent advisors to CMOs globally.”

The Ebiquity Media Model™ builds on the consultancy’s past work, including its recommendations developed in partnership with the U.S. Association of National Advertisers (ANA) on how to drive transparency into all aspects of media trading. The consultancy has a track record of guiding marketers toward higher performance, and often more transparent, media practices, and helps CMOs rise above the detail of today’s complex media landscape to ensure their media investments deliver strong business results.

The launch of our new media framework was featured in AdExchanger, where we discussed how we partner with Unilever to help them navigate the complex media landscape, click here to read the full article.


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