Mike Campbell, Head of International Effectiveness, at Ebiquity attended (in September) the “Future TV Advertising Forum Canada”. A private invitation-only event, where media agencies and advertisers leaders gathered together to consider how to optimise media planning.

At the forum the key focus was to understand why agencies and brand owners behave the way they do, and what challenges and incentives have increasingly led to more digital spend and less TV. In a broken ‘system’, where agencies are not always planning the most effective medium (TV – according to various ROI studies) Mike and the “Profit-Ability” research have evidenced and define this narrative. This research shows that brands are significantly under-investing in TV, and unveils the impact that key media channels have on brands and business growth.

While media agency and marketers are increasingly investing in digital, due to consumer dynamics and corporate pressure. Mike points out that the main rationale behind this choice is the “massively overstated reach and the perception of the effectiveness of digital”. This perception is fuelled by viewing the wrong metrics. ROI of digital channels is often derived from digital attribution models that have a natural bias of overstating the importance of digital channels through ignoring the contribution of other marketing levers. The study defines a clear understanding of effective modelling. Recently, Mike and the Effectiveness team have been producing some modelling work in Canada, in particular with the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail industry (CPG) in Canada which show very similar results to international studies and proving that TV still delivers great ROIs in the industry. This demonstrates that accelerating the investments behind digital conversion media channels is now driving media agencies and advertisers down the wrong path.

View a video overview from Mike below:  

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