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Knowledge Spotlights is a new series of courses focused on essential digital marketing topics. These courses, designed for WFA members, aim to enhance the skills of emerging marketing leaders, helping them thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape.  

Ebiquity, along with other founding partners, is proud to spearhead this initiative, focusing on establishing a robust foundation for better marketing in the rapidly evolving and influential Asia Pacific region. 

The Importance of Asia Pacific 

Asia Pacific is a significant driver of global economic growth, contributing about two-thirds of it last year. The region’s rapid development and dynamic market can sometimes lead to brands neglecting the importance of strong foundational marketing strategies. Existing resources often lack relevance to today’s fast-paced environment, with traditional frameworks not accounting for modern platforms like TikTok. 

Addressing the Learning Gap 

To fill this gap, the WFA, in collaboration with selected partners, is launching Knowledge Spotlights. These sessions aim to provide a foundational understanding and practical insights into key areas of digital marketing, particularly for the digital-first Asia Pacific region. The 101-level courses will explain various digital tools and channels, complementing existing training programs by focusing on relevant areas for WFA in Asia Pacific. 

Program Accessibility and Goals 

While primarily designed for members in Asia Pacific, the initiative will be accessible to all WFA members globally. Asia Pacific is seen as a learning hub, influencing global marketing trends. The courses aim to help members understand and leverage digital marketing effectively, addressing specific challenges and opportunities in the region. 

Key Details: 
  • Why: To help members leverage digital marketing effectively, addressing Asia Pacific’s unique challenges and opportunities. 
  • How: Live Zoom sessions with real-time Q&As, available for playback on the WFA website. 
  • Who: Targeted at junior to mid-level marketers and senior practitioners seeking a refresher, open to brand members of national associations. 

This initiative is made possible through the support of founding partners including Aira, APR, Kantar, Media Sense, The Liberty Guild, Lumency, The Observatory International, and R3. These partners contribute their expertise voluntarily, with no financial transactions involved, allowing members to access these valuable sessions without additional costs. 


Creativity, trends, and innovation: 

Models, operations, and tools: 


Agency relations: 


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To book your space at one of the sessions visit WFA Knowledge Spotlights or if you need any further assistance with registering, reach out to Joel at WFA.

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