As supply chain woes intensify, advertisers reallocate, not cut, media dollars

Advertisers seem to be preparing somewhat for inflationary media markets, but that doesn’t mean it will happen this quarter.

Ruben Schreurs, comments on Digiday, saying:

“We expect significant price increases on premium digital media channels in Q4, mostly as a result of significant upper-funnel activity from large advertisers.”

He pointed to recent metrics on digital ad pricing inflation in September 2021 vs September 2020 to back his point.

The month saw a 23% average media price increase across all digital channels, with a particularly high delta of +56% on Online Video activity in September 2021 vs September 2020. “When discussing inflationary trends, it is important to distinguish between channels. And the quality of outlets within channels, as a serious shift from longtail strategies to limited targeted high-quality inventory is happening.”


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First featured 11/11/2021