At the Festival of Marketing, CMO, Sarah Barron, discussed how Domino’s has capitalised on data to increase CLTV, optimise the ordering experience and evaluate media plans.

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Data is now at the core of Domino’s brand strategy, but it wasn’t being fully exploited until just a couple of years ago. 

“The number one consideration for our brand is still ‘arrives hot’ – so if you get that wrong, you don’t have a brand,” said Domino’s CMO, Sarah Barron, at this month’s Festival of Marketing. “But we were, literally, not capitalising on this well of data that was sat underneath us.” 

From the types of deals that tempt customers to buy, or what channels they most frequently use – Barron says that customer data is now invaluable for Domino’s, enabling the company to drive brand strategy, and increase key metrics such as lifetime value. 

So what changes have Domino’s made in order to become data-focused, and what role does data play in sustaining the company’s success?  

Embedding a culture of testing, and backing up media spend 

Another change for Domino’s has been in recruitment, with the creation of a ‘black-belt product team’ as Barron puts it.

“[People] that have worked in on-site ecommerce for many years, who know what they’re doing in this space, who are constantly multivariate testing different types of things on our app to optimise the experience and extract value.”

This testing doesn’t have to be complicated, either, she explained. “It’s the most basic things, like recommending a deal to [customers] when they land or when they’ve put stuff in their basket. Pop up a page that offers them other things that they can choose or that they might be interested in. We’re constantly testing and when we’ve got that customer onto the app, [it’s about] what conversations are we then having with them to make sure that we can extract the most value?”

This culture extends to media spend as well. The company uses a third-party media investment analysis model from Ebiquity, which Barron says is to ensure that “every penny is really well spent.”

Any media plan we want to do, we push through them so that they can help us understand the long-term, and that is what’s really driven some significant increases for us in return on investment. Which again, just means I can stand up in front of the franchisees, and based on data and fact, say ‘we’re making your money work hard for you and therefore I would like to suggest that we spend more on this.

Sarah Barron, Chief Marketing Officer, Domino

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