The role of ‘distinctive assets’ or ‘fluent devices’ is a critical foundation stone in improving the marketing effectiveness of advertising, writes Ebiquity’s UK MD.

There has been significant debate this month regarding trust in advertising, with the majority view being that there is a significant level of distrust in advertisers and advertising.

It is true that ‘Joe Public’ or the ‘average person on the street’ may define advertising as being somewhat wider than those of us who work in the industry. Their definition of advertising may include the prevalent text scammers claiming to be the Post Office or a fraudulent message supposed to be from the Inland Revenue.

Research from Credos presented at the recent Trust Summit points to several negative slants including bombardment and suspicious advertising and the risk of exploitation of vulnerable groups.

At Ebiquity, we link advertising to efficiency and marketing effectiveness. Clearly excessive frequency levels not only irritate consumers, but they are very bad for business, supressing ROI. Further, in the case of emails and text retargeting they can have the potential of increasing opt out rates for a company’s DM programme.

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First featured 28/10/2021

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