Ebiquity & FirmDecisions are delighted to be partnering again with ISBA for 2020 across a number of key areas. The first piece of work to emerge is a new Guide to Agency Contract Compliance Auditing created by FirmDecisions which, will help guide ISBA members with ever stringent corporate governance of agency contracts. 

Ebiquity & FirmDecisions are also developing agile webinars for ISBA members creating bespoke sessions and are offering quick hit free advice to ISBA members.

This year’s partnership is designed to utilise Ebiquity’s deep expertise of media management by supporting the development of informed content as guidance and advice for ISBA members.

Ebiquity has a long association with ISBA, which most recently centred on driving a marketing effectiveness agenda and included the development of specific guidance, such as ‘Cutting through the Clutter – Demystifying the role of attribution in the context of overall marketing effectiveness’, and ‘The seven tools and techniques of Marketing Effectiveness.’ 

Debbie Morrison – Ebiquity Managing Director of Global Partnerships, said: 

Having spent 29 years of my career at ISBA, prior to joining Ebiquity in 2019, I know very well the type of guidance and advice ISBA members are looking for to provide direction in the smart management of media activities. And I know Ebiquity has the requisite deep knowledge and the generosity of spirit required to share our key learning’s with advertiser members. It’s great to see the first tranches of work emerging and we are looking forward to working closely with the ISBA team to deliver more truly meaningful, helpful content in the future.” 

Andrew Lowdon – ISBA Director of Agency Services, said:

As part of the value ISBA delivers to its members I am seeking to develop best in class content to support all our members, across a range of functions.  I’m very pleased to be able to continue our long-standing relationship with Ebiquity as we progress with this very exciting innovation for our membership.” 

Stephen Broderick Global CEO – Firmdecisions, Said:

An increasingly complex and fast evolving marketing ecosystem, proliferation of agencies, transparency issues and the desire by brand owners to manage commercial contracts more smartly, has resulted in many advertisers now utilising compliance auditing to manage their agency contracts.  We were delighted to work on this new guide which provides helpful best practice direction for any brand.”



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