Facebook is in danger of losing a key accreditation from the Media Rating Council, a non-profit that certifies the reliability of audience measurement services.

The platform is in the middle of an annual audit that puts certain areas under scrutiny, including desktop display impressionsmobile web advertisingmobile application advertisinginvalid traffic and the minimum standards the latter of which all MRC members adhere to.

But two years later, would the loss of this third-party accreditation actually hurt Facebook’s standing with advertisers and media buyers? Or is Facebook—which raked in $17.4 billion in ad revenue in the first quarter of 2020—too big and too powerful to be checked?

Jed Meyer said he and his clients are seeking “trust and transparency” from Facebook.

In an era where advertisers are seeking to understand the opportunity to overcome walled gardens and connect with consumers across media touch points, this potential development is a step backwards. Third-party measurement and endorsements from independent audit firms like the MRC are critical for advertisers and they gauge where to place their media and marketing investments.”

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First featured 15/05/2020.

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