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Ebiquity’s CPO, Ruben Schreurs, spoke to Digiday on Research firm, Adalytics’, recently published advertising spend study.

Results from Adalytics’ latest study indicate Google’s proprietary cost-per-view ad format, TrueView, has found billions of dollars being “spent on small, muted, out-stream, auto-playing or interstitial video ad units running on independent websites and mobile apps.”

The premise of TrueView is that advertisers pay for views, with them only being charged once an ad on YouTube reaches 30 seconds, Adalytics’ report has claimed this has now been muddled with impressions resulting in advertisers being misled. This along with ad-misplacement, and their ads potentially served on third-party properties, has caused an inquest from advertisers regarding their advertising spend.

A statement to Digiday from our Ruben Schreurs, described the findings as “highly incriminating” adding that his outfit’s clients spend between 40-50% of their ad budgets on YouTube, an indication of how much of a concern Adalytics’ findings should be.

“I see this as a structural misrepresentation of advertising products at best, and downright fraudulent misleading practices at worst,” he added. “If true, this will have major repercussions in the industry and lead to a significant negative impact on Google’s perceived quality and reliability.” 

Ruben Schreurs, Ebiquity’s Group CPO

Adalytics’ also outlined the issues advertisers’ have tracking their online advertising spend which can lead to plenty of budget wasted year-on-year.

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