Last week VoxComm in a launch statement accusing some clients of truly terrible behaviour, suggested bad practices have got worse because clients are feeling financial pressure during the coronavirus crisis. VoxComm has directed its ire back to clients. So how should agencies respond to “bullying” clients over payment terms?

Christian Polman, Chief strategy officer said:

The reality of the situation is that we are in a painful economic cycle that is affecting both brands and key partners, and includes an entire supply chain of publishers, freelancers, tech providers, production houses and more.

There will be difficult challenges – from payment terms to budget reductions. Yet this is also a time for brands to work in partnership, with an open dialogue, to solve these challenges in a way that minimises the impact, is equitable and preserves a healthy marketing supply chain. This means taking a collaborative approach, while also being practical with regards to contracts and related benefits and deals. Brands and agencies that do this successfully and reach agreement through a combination of pragmatism and fairness will come out stronger long term.”


To read the article in full in Campaign, click here. 

First featured 27/05/2020.

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