A view from Martin Vinter, Head of Media UK, Ebiquity on “Five questions Amazon must answer to get a larger share of advertising budgets in 2019” has been featured in The Drum.

Amazon’s entry to the advertising market a few years back has made things a little more complicated for marketers and agencies. Martin highlights that Amazon’s ad execs should focus on clear and compelling answers to five simple, but pertinent, questions that all marketers, brand managers and media agencies care most about:

  1. Is it ‘brand safe’?
  2. Is it transparent? (agency model aside)
  3. Is the advertising (relatively) effective?
  4. Is there opportunity for both performance/DR as well as brand investment (in the context of point three)?
  5. Is it easy doing business with a particular partner (advertiser and/or agency)?

Martin believes that If Amazon focuses on these five key questions, brands may well flock in droves to the e-commerce behemoth – beyond anything seen to date. And it will potentially cause the biggest shake up in the digital media landscape for some years. One that not everyone is ready for or even foreseeing. It’s all to play for in 2019.


To read the article in full on The Drum, click here.

First featured: 17/12/2018. 

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