A view from Ebiquity’s Group CEO, Michael Karg on ‘Rise of customer experience design marks a shift beyond paid media’ has been featured in Campaign.

Michael discusses how the emergence and dominance of digital technologies and platforms have changed how marketers support their brands. Michael goes on to highlight how this change in behaviour has accelerated brand investment in customer experience design;

“Savvy, successful brands today carefully allocate their spend between advertising and customer experience design, including digital utilities, content, ecommerce, and digital-in-store.

This change has been driven by the opportunities that experience design offers to brands in terms of creating meaningful engagements with their customers, leading to consumer and influencer advocacy, and balancing interruption-based advertising with offering unique services, engaging brand content, or other forms of value exchange”.

To read the article in full on Campaign’s website, please click here. 

First featured: 01/08/2018

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