Last year, on January 29 in Florida, P&G’s Marc Pritchard threw down the gauntlet at the US IAB Annual Leadership meeting and demanded full media transparency. Campaign’s recent feature ‘A year on from Pritchard’s ‘rallying cry’: how does the industry score?’ examines the progress the industry has made, by asking the industry how it thinks the UK scores on each of the four action points outlined in Pritchard’s speech last year.

The four action points outlined in Pritchard’s speech were;

Action 1 – Adopt one viewability standard

Action 2 – Implement accredited third-party measurement verification

Action 3 – Get transparent agency contracts

Action 4 – Prevent ad fraud

Stephen Broderick, Chief Executive Officer, FirmDecisions Global, shares his view on this action point 3;

The industry has made a little progress on securing transparent contracts, but there’s still a long way to go.

Dietmar Kruse, Managing Principal – Media Measurement, Ebiquity, shares his view on this action point 4;

Ad fraud mechanisms are constantly evolving, and they’re reported as a cause for concern by almost three-quarters of all advertisers [ 2017 WFA and Ebiquity Report]”

In fact, Kruse believes that when GDPR is implemented, the problem will get worse:

“The GDPR will likely to make ad fraud more difficult to detect and eradicate. This is because GDPR will make it harder to track individual-level data and IP addresses. As a result, it will also become harder to identify bots that are at the heart of ad fraud. The trick for brands will be to regularly assess the market to make sure they are working with the best providers and technology, and to regularly assessing ad fraud risks.”

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First featured 29/01/2018