A view from Debbie Morrison on how the ad and media sectors are evolving.

In this article, Debbie talks about the positive potential of the changes in the media and marketing industry right now: changes to available media, consumer channels, and tech platforms, with new shifts happening almost every week. Changes to technology, data, and regulation; from the right to be forgotten to GDPR. And changes to the client-agency model, with more or less in-housing versus less or more outsourcing. The locus of control for marketing services is shifting about like never before.

Debbie believes that change and the breakneck rate of change in media and marketing present today’s marketers with an incredibly positive set of opportunities to be always resetting and reframing how to face the future – as per her personal career journey and change.


To read the article in full on The Drum, please click here.

First featured on 20/02/2019.

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