A view from Andrew Challier, Chief Client Officer, on whether the decline in young TV audiences is accelerating.

In this article Andrew shared his view: Our recent report, TV at the Tipping Point, projects a continued downward trend in viewing among 16-34 year olds, but not an acceleration. And although data from the start of the year has delivered figures that are below our “worst-case scenario”, this may be due to unique factors this year, such as Sky’s deal with Netflix.

Younger audiences are watching TV in non-linear forms but brands need to understand whether they are actually seeing ads. For example, the lightest third of 16- to 34-year-old viewers watch only 10 minutes of linear TV per day, yet it is the lightest third of any target audience who are critical to delivering significant reach above 50%.

Andrew highlights that perhaps the most interesting question is whether the viewing habits of the young will revert to those of previous older generations.


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First featured on 13/03/2019

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