ITV posted a mixed bag of results in its half-year trading update this week. Despite total advertising revenues having fallen -5%, the broadcaster’s online revenues are up 18%, boosted by the continuing success of Love Island.

Christian Polman analyses the significance of the results saying: 

ITV’s results highlight the broadcaster’s continued challenges to grow digital and addressable TV revenues ahead of the losses in linear impacts, which we highlighted as a significant challenge for TV broadcasters – and therefore brands – in our recent ‘TV at the Tipping Point’ report.”

Doubling down on Love Island is sensible, given the draw among young audiences. As is the nature of media today, the quality of content reigns supreme, especially as consumers shift viewing habits. As such, the level of competition with other content, including from the likes of Netflix – who have a large arsenal of production budgets – will be a critical factor to the continued success of Love Island.”

Thanks to ITV’s Hub, its flagship programme can remain attuned to young audiences’ viewing habits of ‘playing catch up’, which may entice advertisers concerned at the declining impact of linear TV or the lack of advertising space on the likes of Netflix.” 


Read the full article on Mediatel, here. 

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First featured on 25/07/2019. 

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