Digiday has today published an extensive profile piece on Ebiquity. Speaking to Ebiquity’s Michael Karg, CEO, Christian Polman, CSO, and Martin Vinter, head UK media, the piece explores the evolving role that Ebiquity is playing in the media industry, focusing on its primary ambition of becoming the world’s leading independent marketing and media consultancy.

They highlighted the strategic direction of the business, positioning Ebiquity as “the CMO’s consigliere at a time when CMOs need it most”. Adding that “the way we see the market taking shape is that in the C-suite, everyone has an adviser. The CEO has the McKinseys, the CFOs have the Goldman Sachs, CTOs have the Accentures. And our view is that the CMO is an open field, where a lot of people are trying to be advisers to the CMO. Our competitive position in the market is to focus on being that strategic adviser to the CMO”.

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First featured: 21/01/2019

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