Ebiquity Australia reveals to The Australian that Clive Palmer since the start of September has spent more than $2.3m, or an average $258,000 a week, on more than 2,500 separate ads in metropolitan areas alone.

Ebiquity’s Peter Cornelius, Managing Director- Australia/New Zealand comments;

“Mr Palmer is clearly making a major noise and trying to reach large audiences. The Melbourne Cup and The Block’s finale are two of the highest premium properties on the Australian TV Calendar. It’s clear they’re putting big dollars behind his campaign and buying high-profile airtime. It’s not just a run of the mill campaign buying bits and pieces here and there.”

Peter goes on to highlight the ad spend on this campaign is one of the biggest he can remember from a single person outside an election cycle, with some ads continuing to run “as if there is an election in progress”

To read the article in full on The Australian’s website, please click here.

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First featured 12/11/2018.


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